Corporate Events

Imagine you’re going to a corporate event, or party.

The next day, everyone who was at the party, including you, receives a video like this via email. In the video, you notice footage from the live event you just attended the night before.

You may recognize some of the characters from the party, and you will definitely recognize the footage from the party in the teaser video. Now you realize that some of the people you may have even mingled with were involved in something far more exciting than the party, something you can now follow through the web, or using your cell phone, as the story unfolds, real-time. At the party, without knowing it, you have already stepped into a fictional story which has become reality.

Using a controlled content release schedule, we give you access to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds, even webcams and working phone numbers, all of which can enrich the story experience, until finally, at the end of the campaign, the movie is released online. This final movie reveals the whole story, told through the point of view of the fictional characters, who are as real as anyone else you met at the party.

The movie can also be repurposed as marketing material, and creates multiple opportunities for product placement, in situ branding, and co-branding. It will create buzz, and make even more of a splash if released publicly, all as part of a comprehensive transmedia campaign in tandem with the live event.

You pick the genre, and tell us your preferences for the story. We do the rest.

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