Deeper into an Alternate Reality

Just how far are travelers willing to go?

As noted in an earlier post, alternate reality games, or “ARGs,” employ emails, video, Twitter and Facebook accounts, all delivering content real-time as the story develops, to create the impression that the story created by that content is very real.

The issue with alternate reality gaming is that when it comes to travelers on vacation, many would rather relax, and not be slaves to participation in a game in order to win a prize. Tour de Film neutralizes the participation requirement and optimizes the real-time content more for story than for game. The story, finally seen in the film and/or fotonovel, is the prize.

Should travelers opt in to allow the story to be released publicly, subscribers not necessarily on the trip itself can tune in, catching character Facebook and Twitter feeds, possibly even calling the characters’ phones or watching them via webcam — while the traveler, in turn, becomes the vicarious subject of a reality show. In the end, everyone can see the film, which finally reveals the whole story.

Below: Susan DiMarco, a character in “Thrill Box,” delivers a report, uploaded to Youtube as the story develops:

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