Death in North Cyprus – May 2012

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This was a relatively simple exercise in Recorded Experience Design, and possibly the simplest kind of product travelers might expect from Tour de Film.

Near the Turkish/Greek border checkpoint, North Cyprus

Near the Turkish/Greek border checkpoint, North Cyprus

As an alternative to films, Tour de Film also offers fotonovels. This 1-minute, 30-second teaser (below) incorporates images shot with a Canon T2i, an iPhone using the Hipstamatic app, all processed through the Android’s Pixlr-o-matic app.

The actress improvised the audio at a café near the checkpoint between North Cyprus and the Greek side of the Island. Some of the photographs depict the area just inside the transfer zone, and all of them share various aspects of North Cyprus, a territory not even recognized by the U.S. or the U.N.

In this sample, accompanying the monologue, the following text would be printed across the bottom of the page, each printed in a different font:

North Cyprus.

At this writing, no other country in the world except Turkey itself accepts its occupation of the north side of the island. A sketchy, shady part of the world for some, a refuge for others.

For me, a perfect place in the world to become a ghost, and to blend in with the first appearance of a normal life, which seemed to afford a rather innocent pursuit of relatively inconspicuous gratification…

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