Christopher Walken Chimes In on Phone Numbers in Movies

Jon Stewart identifies one of the same pet peeves I have when watching movies: like a bucket of cold water, the “555” phone number jerks me back into the realization that the film I am watching is fake, that the whole world I’ve been settling into in order to enjoy the story has suddenly fallen apart.

Walken then suggests a solution, which jives pretty darn well with the R.E.D. / I.R.E. approach: real, working phone numbers which people can actually call, blurring the line between fiction and reality and making it easier for us to enjoy the story.

See the interview here.

Remember Mission Impossible 3? A slip-up by the director left a fake academic degree peddler’s phone number clearly visible in the film. Masses of game-hungry people, thinking they were tapping into a secret spy network, called the number. Click on the image for more:


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