Phoenix, 2012-2013


The latest test run of IRE, now fully integrated into a travel industry focus as Recorded Experience Design (RED), was called “Thrill Box.”

A major hotel, along with a few other locally-based businesses, agreed to sponsor us to help execute this demo, in which subscribers (travelers who stayed at the hotel) would be able to access not only the online content, released real-time as the story progressed, but also have the chance to mingle with the main characters during a club dj event as well as on a hiking trail at Dreamy Draw. The entire project not only was designed to promote downtown Phoenix as a premier destination for leisure travelers, but also to demonstrate opportunities for both the leisure traveler to be in a film with a genre of their choosing (in this case, sci-fi thriller), as well as an opportunity for tour businesses to utilize the Tour de Film model as a brand experience.

To allow subscribers to experience the story as it unfolded real-time, characters were given blogs, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts, with working email addresses. There was even a real phone number which people could call.

Additional media provided insight into the story from different angles.


At a live event, set within the context of the story (here at Bar Smith), subscribers had a chance to mingle with characters in the story, played by unknown actors, who blended into the crowd as other attendees.

Meanwhile, online or mobile RSVPs to the event acted as releases, which gave the camera crew, blending in as “media” covering the event, free reign to capture footage as needed for the film.

Watch the trailer:

After all the real-time media was posted, subscribers can then watch the film, which reveals the whole story.

Final cut still in development.

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