New York, March 2012


After writing a script called “Wave,” I worked with actor Shing Ka to put together a trailer:

Then, I organized a demo execution of the concept where actors were again injected, in character, at a party sponsored by Asahi. No one knew who the characters or actors were or what the story was. Only the next day would attendees find out that they were rubbing elbows with a Russian secret society, while an undercover FBI agent (Shing Ka), and an NYPD informant (Celia Au) spied on them. Later, footage from this party would be dropped into the film as one of the scenes. Those attendees who opted in would also get credit placement and appear in the scene.

The film’s technical advisor, Robert Haddock, inventor of the SIM card, and several other contributions to our modern world, makes a cameo appearance at 0:05 talking with actress-in-character Assol Abdullina — bringing a sort of William Gibson sense to the affair: a high-tech inventor chatting with a beautiful member of a Russian crime syndicate at a high-brow party at former Viacom president/CEO Ed Bennett’s studio in New York City.

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